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So I ate a big breakfast in Puerto Angel and laid in the hammock that comes in the room next to the bed and woke up at 1 in the afternoon:

I'm on Mexican time. Thought about staying another day in Puerto Angel. Pretty nice place. But I followed Tricepilots advice of heading up the coast to look at some of the other beaches. You need to see the options in southern Oaxaca for when you get down here.

Because wood rots in the tropics, everything is made of cement. Even the power poles. Here is an electrician using rope sling stirrups to climb the pole across the street:

Heading back up the coast first stop was San Augustillo I think the name was. Only a few kilometers up the coast. Nice beach with cantinas serving food and beverages. No gringo tourists here just ilke at Puerto Angel not sure why:

this is looking down the beach one way:

and up the coast the other way. Pretty kicked back place. Mostly Mexican tourists:

Just over the far peninsula was Zipolite beach:

Lots of gringo tourists over here. Mostly European backpacker crowd type. Nice place. Very kicked back.

A few kilometers further was Mazunte beach. This place had more Mexican tourists and nice cantinas on the beach. This is looking down the coast:

And looking up the other way:

I liked the way they were power washing the parking area with a tank truck. Here he is just firing it up. When he let it rip it did the job:

Stopped and talked to these guys who were cementing in a new wider river rock apron for the entrance of a new hotel they were building:

They were living in the unfinished hotel. I asked about pitching my tent but the head mason didn't want to make waves with the owner. No problema. I continued back down the coast to Huatulco. Really has grown down here. This is more of an upscale tourist destination. Wide avenues and nice landscaping:

Plenty of rich Mexicans, shopping plazas, and upscale hotels:

Probably a good place to meet your wife for a break on your trip. Pretty nice upscale place.

There were dark clouds coming down from the Oaxacan mountains so I jetted south. :

The road south of Puerto Angel for a 100 miles is nothing but curves. Really fun riding. There was some road construction through Huatulco where they were widening the road. But other than that it was cranking and banking all afternoon on decent pavent with no potholes to speak of. Stopped at this little palapa on the side of the road for a break as the wind picked up. The Sherpa bodega:

My man Javier rode up in his mototaxi and stopped to chat:

Javier said his mototaxi cost 50,000 pesos or about 4,000 bucks. He had worked up in L.A. to save up for it. I asked about camping on the beach in Rio Seco where I was at, and he thought it would be fine. But there was still daylight so I headed on until dark. Stopped in Salina Cruz. The wind was picking up and I remember how it was riding through the night in epic winds down here last time through the isthmus of Tehuantepec so decided to call it a day.

That's it for today.
I spent 423 pesos on food gas and hotel today plus internet is probably 25 more pesos. So call it 450 which is around $36.00 U.S.

Hasta Luego muchachos,
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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