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Originally Posted by Nytelyte View Post
I did some reading and it seems that the operation you are seeing is pretty much how that thing is designed to run. You might be able to isolate the light circuit and run a separate electric feed to that on its own, or bypass the full on/off circuit for only the light circuit, which shouldn't be too hard, if you can open the fridge backside enough to see where the light & switch pull off of the main feed. Just add wiring that would circumvent the temp relay that splices straight into the light circuit.

Standard "Unplugged / proper safety / if you electrocute yourself I'm not liable / this post if for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer.
thanks man,

it's an old frigidaire, I think I posted a pic a few pages back. I rewired most of it, so I do know where the light run is located, and have easy access to it (underneath). I think it goes through some sort of relay however. That's likely the way to do it easiest.
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