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Originally Posted by bergermeister View Post
thanks man,

it's an old frigidaire, I think I posted a pic a few pages back. I rewired most of it, so I do know where the light run is located, and have easy access to it (underneath). I think it goes through some sort of relay however. That's likely the way to do it easiest.
I don't know your electrical expertise, so if you are well versed, take no offense...
Does that light circuit step down through the relay? Probably not, that being the age it is.. If not, you shouldn't have too many problems. Good Luck! I'd probably turn it on the first couple times on a good fused surge strip (my standard practice when I monkey with something on household current, its easier to reset that then truck out to the garage) rather than plugged straight to the wall.

Horray Beer!
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