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Hi John,
Great RR as always. Your photos of Puerto Angel and Monte Alban brought back a lot of fun memories. What I wanted to expand on, though, was your ease and use of languages. For instance,the time we walked into a motel on Vancouver Island and the owner/clerk was talking on the phone to his son in his own language, trying to ignore two dusty, bug spattered motorcycle bums. You immediately started talking to him in Korean. He did a double-take like he couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Where did that come from? Self taught. Have fun, keeping on riding, J&A
I have found that when you travel it is good to learn some basic phrases of the countries you travel in and the alphabet so you can read the signs. When you get home you can fake like you know the language if you can say hello to a Hindu gas station attendant in Calgary Alberta or a French tourist in Baja along with a few basic phrases.

You don't need to know that many words to carry on a polite conversation. For instance before this trip I memorized 2500 Spanish flashcards. My grammar sucks but they get the idea if you know the basic words. I haven't been around anyone other than two ADVriders that spoke any English for the last two weeks so my conversations are getting longer. I pick it up through osmosis I think.

Look forward to seeing you folks whenever I get back.

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