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Holy dust cloud Neff'r! I went into the poof dust and thought he’d back off but he did just say how great the wind was blowing the dust away. We were heading into a canyon and the wind only packed and held the dust down between 8 foot tall sage in the draw. Thought I heard his KTM but knew he wasn’t there so stopped and looked back for dust - nothing. Head back and he took a pitch off the bike into the brush. Professor’s photo:

I’m waiting and looking . . . no dust.

Something must’ve happened dang it . But saw this prow in perfect fall afternoon light and figured those guys would’ve probably stopped the bleeding so it was worth a photo.

Holy poof bomb Neff! He said, “I know better than to just roost through unknown country until I get a feel for it.”

Well said -

That’s exactly where it hurts huh?

We make a collective decision to escort Neff back to the camp. We’d left the house at 6:30 am, driven almost 300 miles and jumped on the bikes, first day . . . better take it safe and re-group.

Neff was a little rattled but a hot spring visit will solve any ailments he’s gathered. Killurtv and I head out for an evening spin hoping to intercept our last one-third of this triton on their way to join us.

There had been consistent snow all the way from the start util we dropped into this basin -

It was fun poking around things we’d spied from the main road but never taken the time to explore. Lots of water in the desert sometimes.

Killurtv forgot his moto boots and was lucky to have Professor’s Sorels for back up - no drama - lucky toes for this trip.


We romped around until we saw MrDualsport and LilPossum roll up with their rig. Cold night but Hot Spring and excitement for the next day. We’re here for some of that post-range fire Burnt Chocolate!

What's next? More action!
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