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AUX Electrical help.....

I'm trying to get ready for an upcoming trip and need some help with the power for my accessories.

I have a digital camera that has a wall charger for the battery. I was wondering if there is any way to wire in a wall plug? for the battery. Maybe take an extension cord and cut the end off??? I have no idea...

The other thing I need to wire in is my Ipod. I was just going to take the cord I have for connecting it to the computer and cut it shorter. Then grab the positive line and negative line and wiring them in. The problem I have is that it uses a usb plug, so I don't know which wires are the pos and neg. Is there a usb power plug I can actually wire into the bike?

I think I've heard of usb plug I can use so there is no splicing of any wires. So I guess what I'm mainly needing help with is the power plug for the camera.

Any help will be great, thanks.
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