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I have been beating on my Olympus tough series for several years. Been in the ocean, down water slides, snow mobile trips, baked in the car, just general neglect and abuse. I have been happy as can be about it. It is the 6000 series, now discontinued. But I consider that a good sign, the camera has lasted well past it's model life. Maybe even a couple of models now, I am not shopping and don't know how far they have progressed.

I got mine as the old camera died of dust infiltration. I looked at getting a basic camera, average point and shoot is about $200 (yes there are some that are way less and some that are more, but the generic good camera is about $200). For $100 more I figured I should get at least 50% better life. I feel it has done it. Nothing like rinsing the dust off the lens by sticking it under the faucet and just washing it. I don't worry about hurting it.

It does have a bump feature. Sort of a blessing and a curse. I can cycle through the macro and flash setting with bumps to the sides and top. If you pay attention it can be great. cycle in and out of macro with gloves on, quicly adjust the flash and retake a picture the other way. Down side is you can accidently bounce around in these settings if you are real active. But the feature is selectable so if it really is a problem, turn it off and it reverts back to normal and you select the features through the menu just like any other camera. So no fair bitching about this feature, you can always not use it. But I do use it a lot.

The other is the screen. I didn't get around to putting a screen protector on it (like you get for smart phones) and in my general use and abuse I got a pretty good scratch on the screen. Again not really a flaw in the camera, I do abuse it and never got the screen protector on it in a timely manor.

For a point and shoot camera I am completely pleased with this little gem. Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I picked up a spare battery for it, that was a waste. The replacable lithium battery has very good life, I have never needed the extra battery.
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