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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
I've heard some of that stuff (and then some) even from local Duke 690
owners. It's a KTM thing, not an India thing, obviously.
One of the KTM service centre owners I know was telling me that the 125/200 Duke's actually are having much lesser warranty claims/issues reported post roll out from the factory on an average is much lower than the global KTM average figure. Which does seem to indicate that the India KTM's are actually better in quality, but its an unfair comparison, since the 125/200 are much simpler and smaller bike plus its just two bikes as opposed to the much larger variety of models that other KTM factories are producing.

Originally Posted by Navin View Post
The stalling would worry me alot. Coolant overheat can be a mapping issue too, too much heat from lean condition, seizures too. Hmmmmmm. Are these drive by wire by chance? I see shades of 690s in these problems.
The stalling usually happens when one is decelerating and almost pulling to a stop. But then for folks who are shifting gears harder and wringing the throttle open don't usually face this issue, its almost as if KTM is tell people to ride the bike hard else stay at home

Nope, they aren't drive by wire.

One of the seizures happened to a close friend's 200, it was a partial seizure he could ride back home. But KTM blamed fuel quality for the seizure, something which I feel is just a cover up.

But, in the larger picture the Duke 200 is mostly trouble free, for our roads we need higher profile tires. Quite a few folks have bent rims from going over a pot hole too fast.

I'm waiting to see how the Duke390 holds up, more so with those tires it would be quite scary to ride Once I get my hands on one first thing I'd want to do is put some higher profile rear dual sport tire. The stock size is 150/60-17, any options available in 150/70-17 or 160/60-17 ? Shipping costs to India are crazy though !
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