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Originally Posted by MrFurious View Post
Ok, someone needs to snag this so it won't continue to tempt me. Not really what I'm looking for or want, but at that price I'm real tempted to buy it just to relist it on here and make an easy $800-1000 profit. Problem is that if I buy it I'll be more tempted to keep it rather than flip it.

2000 DR650 SE, 8700 miles, $1600
Buy it, mod at least the carb and intake so it runs right (or tm-40 or fcr-mx), locktite the NSU, then run her till you fall apart. I'm on my second one. The only reason I'm on the new one is for the button start. Damn reliable, pretty much good across the board for anything, and dirt cheap plentiful parts and mods. Tons of bonuses to the platform, but the Dr platforms have limitations, as do all bikes.
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