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So here is what I got when I checked out the charger.

On the back it says: Input: ~100V-240V 50/60Hz 4-7VA 2W
Output: 4.2V 0.25A

If what you are suggesting is basically just a "plug" then I'd also like to use another charger I have for a better camera that will also be going on the trip.

That reads: | Input: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz |
| 22VA (100V) |
| -30VA (240V) |
| Output: 8.4V DC 1.2A |
Input: 0.24A (100V) - 0.14A (240)

Not sure if the input numbers below the box are there to better accurately describe the power or not. Unfortunately I'm not very knowledgeable with electronics and their numbers. When I was on my trip I just took the gps wires and cell phone wires and wired them directly to the battery with some fuses. Other than that I'm haven't really done any other wiring. So I really have no idea what I'm doing here for this "plug". Having seen these numbers, will one "plug system" able to do both of these chargers?

Unfortunately since time is an issue someone saying "do this" is probably the best option. However I'd like to learn the reasons behind it if possible. All that I currently know about dong this would be an inverter for my car. And of that I know that it takes the cars 12V and somehow turns it into the increased amount of power that a wall socket makes. Then you just plug whatever device into it, and the device brings it down to whatever it needs.

Any help is appreciated.
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