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To summarize,
- around $1000-1200 for jacket plus pants that
- look flattering
- are truly protective
- I can make work year-round in a moderate climate with rain

I currently still ride in the cheap stuff I bought at cyclegear 2-3 years ago when I started riding and had so little money that I had no other options. I've been considering an upgrade for a long time, but every time I start doing research, I give up at some point. My hang-ups:

* Protection has to be demonstrably better than what I have. I believe that Motoport is actually safer than most; same goes for certain suits by other manufacturers. Other brands, e.g. rev-it, I'm really not so sure. Few brands communicate in a clear-enough way that I really trust their statements; certification is a murky swamp, etc.

* I want the BEST quality of armor. If T-Pro is better than Sas-Tec, then for Heaven's sake put it in there!! Or let me buy it as a supplement.

* Since I ride year-round, I have to be able to make the outfit work in all seasons (Seattle WA).

* MOST IMPORTANTLY. I have discovered that ATGATT is not natural for me. One reason is that my motorcycle is my only vehicle: it's not just for whole-afternoon rides on Saturday and Sunday, but also for a 10 minute trip to the store, to go meet a date at a restaurant, and to go to work. If the suit isn't somewhat EASY to wear and, most of all, ATTRACTIVE LOOKING - in other words, if I wouldn't feel good about my date seeing me arrive and park wearing it - then I will often just head out in regular street clothes plus a helmet and gloves. I'm not arguing that this is a smart approach - all I'm saying is, I've gotten to know myself over the years. I tried on an Aerostich 1-piece suit at a gear swap event - haha, I would never wear something so butt ugly!

* No clumsy liner business (I agree with the Teiz blog take on liners).

* I believe that leather is awesome, yet I don't see myself putting up with the disadvantages of the material.

* I want a 2 piece suit.

* I am skittish about buying before trying it on - the right fit is so important. That is one reason I may end up going with BMW in the end (there is a dealership here where I can try everything on) -- incidentally, I think the new Teiz formula of shipping a trial suit is a good move.

If you combine most of those ideas, you end up looking at things like the Rukka Armas and the Touratech/Stadler Companero. Those are roughly $2500 for jacket+pants, and that is more than my budget can support. Ideally, I would like to SPEND $1000-1200 on a suit (jacket+pants) that convinces me that it is worth that much in quality of materials and workmanship. Not to mention that I have some misgivings about the Cordura used in even those high-end products, as well as the Superfabric etc. (which has great lab results going for it, but what about road results? I once saw a test video of someone crashing (deliberately!) in a Rukka Armas and the results were not as impressive as hoped).

I'm almost certainly buying early 2013 so keep me in the loop :).
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