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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
I want a Duke 390 to ride "all roads" in the US, including asphalt with cracks and potholes, gravel, smooth dirt, and with the right tires, some fire roads. What I'd prefer is longer suspension travel, but that aside, how does the Duke 200 handle these roads?
Folks here have done Ladakh on the Duke 200 without any major problems as such with alternating between...

Like this...


Only thing to look out for is hitting deeper potholes at a high speed, the sidewall profile is just too little to cushion those impacts. Ideally would like swap those pure tarmac tires for some dual sport tires with a higher sidewall profile to absorb the impact.

Would have loved to have slightly better suspension setup too, but I'd personally stick to just changing the tyres!

Wish KTM had given a slightly larger tank too, the range is way too limited with a 11Ltr tank. Can't wait for this thing to get launched here in India.. will be mad mad mad bike especially for our roads here
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