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Originally Posted by Llamaha View Post
It's hard for them to build fast lightweight dual sports because of the strict environmental laws in Japan, remember this is the country that first adopted the Kyoto protocol (who believes this nonsense really). I think that's probably why they never updated the DRZ400 with fuel injection, WR gearbox and a 6 speed because they'd probably have to pass the emissions tests again.

Thankfully it doesn't really matter because Yamaha have the WR250R which is just delightful...
I'm kind of at a loss as to how you reason that it's hard for them to build fast lightweight dual sports because of their environmental laws. I don't really see causation there. I became even more confused when you say that it's probably why the DRZ400 didn't get fuel injected. As far as I know it's probably easier to get a fuel injected bike to pass emissions standards than it is for a bike with a carb. If their laws are so strict then I'd think they'd have to retest every time they made any kind of change to an engine, fuel or exhaust system, maybe even every so often even without changes just to make sure no one is cheating. Just how hard is this emissions test? Wouldn't it just be measuring for certain things in the exhaust gas? There are a lot of places where you'd have to get that checked annually (as a private vehicle owner) and have to pay for it. I'd bet that Honda or any major manufacturer has that stuff sitting around, well not sitting as such. I bet they use it and know that things will pass the sniffer check before they ever send it to the government for the official test.
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