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Originally Posted by josjor View Post
I'd maybe argue a bit with that. I think there are many, many models from many, many manufacturers that, in a true blind test, you wouldn't be able to pick out which one was the Les Paul and which one wasn't. The same is true for Tele's and Strats.

What is simply amazing to me is the blindness of consumers to brand loyalty. I can have that Fender or Gibson hanging on the wall next to other brands that exceed the quality in EVERY aspect including price, and people will buy the Fender or Gibson first and pay me more for the privilege of doing so.

Oh, well. It pays my bills.
Where there you have it.

Then again, unless you are a professional musician there isn't any real need for any American guitar, you rapidly approach a point of diminishing returns when you start cresting $2000. Are they better then the mid range guitars that go from $500-$900? Yeah, a bit better wood, a bit higher grade hardware, and a couple more features.

Do they have 3 times the performance, mechanically or tonally? Hell no.

Its just a matter of tolerance for price, and no one is going out of business so the tolerance is obviously there. Rationality doesn't usually make its way into instrument purchases.
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