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My first reaction was that it looked awful. Don't care for the look of the dash/headlight or the front fender. Have now seen some photos from other angles that make it look somewhat more attractive. I'm hoping it looks better in person. It's also listed at 401 pounds.

As to price: purely speculation on my part but I wonder if Suzuki was not caught off guard by the new Honda 500's.

The Suzuki TU250 lists for $4400. I would think being a twin, having spokeless wheels, and front and rear disc brakes, the GW would be more. Perhaps $500(??) That brings it just under $5,000. Then Honda unveils the CB500F at $5500. Twice the displacement in (to me) a more attractive package and it's a Honda - which I believe has some import to many, including new riders, for $500 more. I suspect many would opt for the Honda.

Will be interesting to see what the actual figure is.

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