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The Patton makes on even better arty hunter. I got 2 obj 212's and an S-51 in Mines. I just rammed the S-51 to kill him.

Nice thing about playing arty too, is you get to know the hiding/shooting spots. Makes counter battery even easier.

I think in tier 8 and up matches you tend to get either no arty or a lot of arty. We had 6 on each side in Wide Park. I killed a Gw Panther right off the bat, and then a T62 that was hunting for me.

Played Dragon Ridge last night in the M12. Knocked an IS-8 and M26E4 down to around 10% hp left so the rest of the team could kill. Then started working on the T95 (they really should paint a big red n white target on the top of those things) when a E75 went past me and started capping. Peek over the rise, direct fire, shoot him to reset the cap, back up. The doofus just stayed in the same place while I reloaded, peek over again, shoot him again. Our AMX50/120 finally comes back and shoots him. Wish I woulda had a HEAT round then
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