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I have owned a GL1100 and a couple of GL1800s.

I bought the older GL1100 purely as a test to see if my broken tailbone had recovered enough to resume riding. I figured the smoothness of the wing would ease re-entry. I found that my tailbone was ready and after commuting on the GL1100 for a few weeks, I decided that I loved the storage capacity of a touring bike.

Tried the K1200LT and while the high speed handling was great, the low speed handling was terrible. So, I tried the GL1500 (GL1800 had not yet arrived) and it felt like a rolling sofa. Not for me. Also tried just about every other tourer out there.

Then I learned that Honda had recognized that the gl1500 market had peaked and the younger guys were buying the LT, so they had their top sportbike guy redesigning the wing to better compete with the LT.

I decide to take a chance and give Honda a shot, and pre-ordered the 2001 gl1800. I was thrilled. Excellent handling at high speed and decent handling at low speed. Comfortable as could be. Bought a 2nd gl1800 (airbagger ;) in 2006. I think the gl1800 is an awesome machine.

Then I moved from NH to DE in 2008, thought the straight roads down here sucked. I also no longer had the time for my frequent long weekend long distance rides. So I got rid of the gl1800 and picked up a F650GS so I could possibly find some more interesting small dirt roads.

The F650GS was too buzzy, so I just picked up R1100GS to see how that is. If this works out well might bump up to the 12.

Anyway, I'm a fan of the gl1800 and could easily see me owning another some day.
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