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It had been quite a while since I had been in a music store. Truth is I was not playing that much, kinda stuck in a rut...I would pick and pluck at something every other day or so....I was just stuck. I had not lost my drive really, I played the cord zombie game on rocksmith....why I like that so much I don't know...but it is fun.....but learning new stuff, new song, going outside my confort zone and actually slowing down and learning something I was not doing. I was looking at guitars on the net and off craigs list and was pretty down on the crap I was looking at....even the Rick I went to look at was total someone could do that to a guitar is past me.

I spent 350 on that squire jazzmaster and it really has lit the fire again....I play every night...and as long as kids and wife allow....about an hour-hour and a half....and am really pumped about it again....with all my guitars.

But in shopping the latest new guitar and going the fender/squire-gibson/epi gambit I really do not see the huge price difference. The squire guitars are very sharp edges, very even, nice hardware. Several years ago the difference between a squire and a fender branded guitar was pretty darn not so much.

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Where there you have it.

Then again, unless you are a professional musician there isn't any real need for any American guitar, you rapidly approach a point of diminishing returns when you start cresting $2000. Are they better then the mid range guitars that go from $500-$900? Yeah, a bit better wood, a bit higher grade hardware, and a couple more features.

Do they have 3 times the performance, mechanically or tonally? Hell no.

Its just a matter of tolerance for price, and no one is going out of business so the tolerance is obviously there. Rationality doesn't usually make its way into instrument purchases.
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