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But in shopping the latest new guitar and going the fender/squire-gibson/epi gambit I really do not see the huge price difference. The squire guitars are very sharp edges, very even, nice hardware. Several years ago the difference between a squire and a fender branded guitar was pretty darn not so much.

Exactly my point.

I hadn't done much more then pluck around at random on my accoustic for 5-6 years. I went off and grabbed a PRS SE (read Korean) for a song and all of a sudden I have my amps all torn apart fixing and cleaning, completely rewired my BC Rich, new strings polish parts, cables..

....and I suck, I can barely play songs that I could do in my sleep when I was 16, but its coming back quickly.

Would I like a LP standard or Maryland PRS, sure, I have no need for them, I have four guitars amps all over the place and the beginning of some recording gear.

Don't have time to gig or anything, but at least I'm playing again, apparently I missed it.
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