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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
So here's the deal. I have a Lenovo laptop with AMD processor outlined below

It has been a nice laptop for what I use it for which is mainly word processing, Excel, surfing internet, and some light duty 3D CAD.

But I now have 2 issues. First is that the hard drive is almost full, its 250g and I back up to a 1T Seagate but I really don't like to have to move stuff off my computer to the back up drive and not have it available.

The second reason is why my hard drive space is maxed which is that I have been taking a lot of HD videos on my helmet cam. Wow are those big files.

Making a short Youtube clip for me and my buddies can take all day, literally. It takes awhile to download the camera. Then I have been using Windows Movie Maker to splice n dice. When I import the videos into WMM, it can takes hours for the program to process the videos, which I assume is a function of my laptop not being up to the job. The final straw is that I need to save the video as a file and upload it to youtube and the saving part takes another hour.

I'm sick of it. I would like to either buy or build a desktop that is turbo. I don't need or want some liquid cooled gaming thing. I simply want to be able to process videos in a fraction of the time. I want a metric shitton of space either through multiple drives or something.

I love to build things, build lots of bikes, it's my nature to build vs buy but I also understand the economics of time vs money. If I can buy a desktop for about what I would pay to build, then no, I will buy. But if you can spec out a complete recipe for a powerhouse that I can build assuming reasonable intelligence, I'm all ears.

I should also admit I'm not very computer savvy. I can follow instructions and do medium basic procedures but I'm not writing code.

Speed-fast on a scale of 1-10 I want at least a 9 depending on price
Price-I'd like to keep just the tower part to under 1000, 750 if possible
Hard Drive-I like redundant but I don't understand the terminology. I don't ever want to lose my stuff, so maybe 2 drives? And my external I have?

So, help me out with either a recommendation or build recipe, and no I'm not getting a Mac, not cool enough to own one.

I'd build with a new AMD 8350, Asus Sabertooth motherboard, a 128gb SSD for your software and operating system and I currently run a RAID 5 array for data protection. IT'll be fast, it's great at threaded workloads like photoshop and other image or video encoding software. IT does take a bit more power than the latest Ivy bridge 3770k, but it's also over a hundred dollars cheaper. You can easily spec out a system with a decent graphics card for under a grand.

Here's some quick links to give you an idea.

as many of these as you want for data storage/Raid array.

Should be a good start.

I don't do Intel systems as I'm a root for the underdog kinda guy and remember the Intel scandals with OEMS years ago.

I do a lot of video and photos and Inventor work on my system. It's buttery smooth with the SSD and 8 cores.
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