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Originally Posted by Redhed View Post
Hey Rex
Passed through those tunnels about a month ago. You describe them as "slick" as in neat, and that they are. They are also damded slick as in slippery if there is any water down there. Really enjoying your report. You are going the extra mile with an effective history lesson and good pics. Aren't we glad to not be in the Okanagan about now??? Ride Safely.
Right that Red. Mexicans like to use cobble stones, paving stones, concrete, etc which are great durable products. However with the traffic wearing these roads smooth, a little bit of water makes them like ice. I've had 3 or 4 good sphincter clenching moments on these roads. Doesn't help with that frickin Heidenau on the back. A great tire and durable but lousy in wet conditions. Just trying to push it as far south as possible before I put that TKC80 on that I've lugging around since Phoenix.

Thanks for the kind words. Some of the weather I've encountered in the mountains has been chilly enough to remind me of home . . . for a bit. Other than missing my wife and family, not longing for the Okanagan right now.
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