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Originally Posted by Wlfman View Post
Or better yet, don't have any keys except the bikes ignition key on the ring. This way you don't have to worry at all about scratches...
I need one other key in addition to my ignition key, the key for my top case.

What I do is screw them tightly together with a small nut and machine screw, and grind off any protruding screw past the nut. I assemble them together at about a 120deg angle, so they clear everything, and the ignition key can turn in the lock.

The other key touches nothing, so no scratches, but is always available. No problem with the small keys in my pocket.

Also, as on all my bikes, an extra set is hidden inside the headlight shell, inconspicuously taped with black electrical tape to other black taped wires.

The hidden keys saved my butt big time in Europe once.
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