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Originally Posted by BmoreBandit View Post
I like HD because it has a lot less maintenance (and I break stuff) and in y view allows me to be as fast on uphills as I can get. So for awhile I was thinking still of upgrading to a F/S, either a Rumblefish or a Stumpy but nowadays I am thinking of staying with my HD Kona and picking up a 'fun' and city bike.
Here comes the questions part-
Is the general opinion that F/S is really just for rider comfort and some traction help on a trail ride? Curious what riders here think.
Like you, I used to think that nothing climbs like a HT, especially a 29er. Well, after spending two weeks and 155 miles of singletrack on a FS29er that myth has been quashed. I am 2-3 minutes faster per lap which equates to a 1-1.5 mph avg increase in speed. The bike puts the power to the ground on the climbs and it just flat rails the corners. However, its a 5k dollar bike (Pivot Mach429). Would a FS at half price ride as well? I dunno. I had a cheapish FS 26er and it truly sucked, so for many years I was biased. I rode the 29er HT on Wednesday and was sliding all over the place and spinning up the climbs, which were covered with dry leaves. I didn't buy the Pivot for rider comfort, but that has been a nice side benefit as well. I can now ride 5 days in a row without my back killing me like it used to on the HT. The mileage and the fun factor has gone way up with this bike. A fast racer buddy has a Stumpy and loves it. I can actually keep him in sight now.
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