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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Can someone explain the transfer of crew from a prem tank to a regular tank. My churchill (soviet) just got their first perk and I would like to move them to the JS....I guess heavy to they take a experence hit when I move they lose the know the little light pop on. I was thinking you did not take the 20% hit or whatever when moving crews out of a prem. tank if they stayed in the same class...heavy to heavy.

Since the Church and the IS are different tiers, your crew may take a 10% hit to their 100% ability, but your perks will remain right where they are at until your crew reaches 100% again with the new tank, then the perks start climbing again. I have done it once, but I can't recall the outcome of transferring a different tiered preimum-tank crew over to the next higher tier tank... pretty sure it will be 10% though as long as they are the same class (which heavy to heavy is). Actually, I think that just retraining, itself, incurs the 10% penalty even if it's for the same tier tank (say if you trained the Church crew for a KV-1, which are both tier 5 tanks IIRC)
The thing is that once they are retrained, you can still transfer them back into the Churchill to use for money making and to up their skills and perks. I used my tier 9 M103 crew in my tier 8 T34 sometimes just to get their perks higher. You probably already knew that part though.

As an aside, what some of us do, sometimes, is before transferring... "DROP" the perks for a crew member. What this gives you is a "pool" of experience points from which to draw for that crew member. Now, with those experience points pooled up, when you pay the 20k that would have made a crew member either 90% for a sequential tank movement, or 80% for a non-sequential movement, it will draw from that pool of 'experience points' up until the point at which the crew member is at 100% for the new tank. At that point whatever experience points are left in that 'pool' can be assigned to whatever perk, or perks, you want for that crew member.

For some newly-bought tanks just keeping the perks a crew member has earned, and starting the climb back up from 80% or 90% is fine. At some tiers, though, you or I may feel losing some of the perks in order to have a crew member at 100% is far more important (in my case the most important crew member to often keep at 100% is the gunner - and this is especially so with an arty gunner). If it's a close-quarters battle tank I may up the gunner and the loader to 100% this way for a move up to the next tank, while being perfectly content with a commander, driver and radio man who are at 90% and who keep their perks where they were. With a sniper tank I may not upgrade the loader to 100%, instead just upgrading the gunner this way.

Yes, there is a minor penalty for "dropping" perks, but it's really pretty small in the scheme of things considering you can have an important crew member right at 100% when starting to grind a new tank, and considering that he picks up training his perks right away upon using the new tank since he is at 100%.

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