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Originally Posted by 30Bones View Post
Replace sprockets and chain IMO. Look into wheel bearins, cheap insurance.
Growing up on the farm, I know what good and bad bearings look like. These bearings looked really good as if they had just been replaced. Weird. This is the same bike that I pulled a walnut out of a little nook by the rear shock.

Dealer put on the new tires very quickly while I waited and figured what else is needed in general maintenance. In and out of there in 10 minutes. They had a chain but no sprockets on hand. If they had to order them, I thought I'd ask the forum for some advice on which ones to get. Regular steel replacement up to Renthal Racing... Go up a tooth or down a tooth?

My initial thought is keep it stock steel with regular tooth numbers (45 in the rear IRCC) but some may have a good reason to order something different. This is a cheap bike after all, just under $1200 into the whole thing with new tires.

I'll also order the Aztec8 7" Headlight this weekend.

2002 Bandit 2002 Rebuild
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