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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
I am quite a way from the Patton...I just got the Pershing, but I am only 4000 or so away from the royal tiger. I really like my regular tiger, not sure why eveyone says they suck....and I am on the fence on keeping it. I like it better than the JS.

On a subject change.

Can someone explain the transfer of crew from a prem tank to a regular tank. My churchill (soviet) just got their first perk and I would like to move them to the JS....I guess heavy to they take a experence hit when I move they lose the know the little light pop on. I was thinking you did not take the 20% hit or whatever when moving crews out of a prem. tank if they stayed in the same class...heavy to heavy.

You can't play the Tiger 2 like the Tiger or the 3601H. It requires a diffrent play stile. If you played the PZVI before the nerf and liked it with the long 75 then you'll end up loveing the Tiger 2. I like the Tiger its a great in your face tank. The Tiger 2 is a long range where the hell did that come from tank. It can go face to face with some tanks but you learn fast who to stay clear of. I like to flank with it and give the foward tanks suport. Keep the Tiger. It makes good coins.
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