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Can someone explain the transfer of crew from a prem tank to a regular tank. My churchill (soviet) just got their first perk and I would like to move them to the JS....I guess heavy to they take a experence hit when I move they lose the know the little light pop on. I was thinking you did not take the 20% hit or whatever when moving crews out of a prem. tank if they stayed in the same class...heavy to heavy.

I'm making the assumption here that the crew has their primary vehicle set as the Churchill. Transfer them to the IS and train them for it. If you pay silver, they'll take a 10% hit on their vehicle skill level (but not their perks). The kicker here is that you can then transfer them back to the Churchill and use them on that tank at their current skill level without retraining them from the IS and without penalty (since it's heavy to heavy). This gives you the ability to get this crew a 2X first victory experience twice a day. Their perks will still work, they just won't accumulate any more xp until the vehicle skill is back to 100%.
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