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Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
They only valid time to use the skill points reset to get a crewman to 100% on a new tank is early in the first perk. Above that, the points hit gets too big.
I'll disagree with that, but then that's just the way I play, and I value gunner crew members being at 100% that much (where I don't want to pay real money for Gold to do it).

I understand where you're coming from, but I've done it with crewmen being deep into their second perks and didn't regret it. Maybe it's worse for three or four but... meh. When it comes right down to it, no third or fourth perk will mean diddly to me compared to being effective from the get-go with a 100% gunner in an arty. I'll think about it, but probably feel the same way about any major tier tank's gunner as well. If I save up the silver, the next tank that will apply for will be the 110E5 while using the M103 crew with their two perks. At tier ten, in clan wars (maybe especially so), the perks on a heavy aren't crap in comparison to how quickly one can use their tank's features.


Speaking of which, apparently we've finally made enough landings and held land with my clan. We're now in the position of earning Gold if we both can hold on to it, and vote that we want to hold on to it (as opposed to just keep fighting and making other clans' lives miserable while we try to disrupt their hold on their claims).

I'm all for earning Gold for a while, but it will probably be a short while - there are some very, very good clans out there we have to fight. Some clans' players pay for their premium accounts every month with the gold they earn from land held though. That's crazy that some teams can do that, and save Gold on the side to eventually buy other premium tanks, but that's the way the game works.

A lot of it is politics with friendly clans. Sometimes we fight, and win, land just to hand it over to another clan in a 'technical' defeat (where they place a chip to attack us, and we show up with... nobody). When I say 'sometimes' ... I mean it seems like pretty damned often. Once in a while we're told that a certain upcoming clan battle only really needs one tank to enter (to take the technical win), so others seem to do the same for us. Kinda funny winning a clan war battle with, say, a VK2801 alone, or whatever other tank the guy going into it wants a 'win' for (makes for a crappy daily double XP earning, but... it's a win nonetheless).

I'm just a cog in a wheel, and I think most of my clan battles have been for other clans' gains, lol (I don't pay attention to the maps and progress, so while I'm sure I had a part in getting to where we are, I have no clue what parts they were). Thankfully we have enough guys, and good ones at that (far better than I), that they've won the most recent battles to gain the land that we have.

The last clan battle I was part of was against SMB clan about a week ago. I thought the "?" tank on the opposing team was interesting, so I took a screenshot of the beginning of the battle. In clan wars you don't see the enemy's tanks and players on the right side of the screen until they've been spotted. Somehow this guy's name showed up but his tank did not. My best guess was that he was arty and his hit was seen as "Brooklyn_Express" has damaged your tank ______ for one of my team members, but I can't recall what he ended up being in. Rest assured that they had a full team, but we just hadn't spotted them all by this point. I'm guessing that by this point they had spotted even fewer of ours.

I circled the areas we hold (own - but just for now). Notice the colors of our clan tag ( ) are the same as the Siege guys above us, and the Guerrillas guys below us - this is due to us being sister clans. Also, notice just how much land some clans have. That's a ton of Gold some clans earn for their members each day, but then those members earned it by playing well, consistently (and that's the hard part for me when I get tired, or have too much coffee in me, or drink alcohol which is why I stopped drinking while playing ... but then I have a friend who isn't currently in any clan who blow me out of the water even when he's drinking... I think it has to do with intelligence, and I don't have much of that).

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