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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Remember tho arty is hard to not a finger of god....or "laser".

I am not sure why but I seem to be killing more arty now that I have hit tier 8. And in a Pershing without the top gun as well. Don't know how, but in every match I live in I end up with killing or at least hurting real bad every arty unit on the enemy team. Tracked and just pound them in the side about every time.....wonder why that does not work on the lower tier arty...I hit them in the same place.

Poor one of the few games I played last night I left the circle to hunt down the last arty that slow ass pershing again.

Yup still hate it and think arty is the worst thing in this game.
One thing that helps is that most, if not all, of the high tier arty have much higher reload times if you catch them after a shot you have quite a bit of time to kill them.
I don't recall thinking the Pershing was slow, but I think I upgraded the engine right away. In fact, I have to be careful not to get too far ahead of support.

On an unrelated note, I discovered a near perfect partner for my Super Pershing[SP]. the T95. The SP isn't much faster so its easy to stay with the T95. Once the T95 picks it's spot I park to cover it's sides or back and use it for cover. If someone comes to kill the 95, the SP has the armor to take a decent beating and generally keep the attacker(s) busy while the 95 rotates and reloads for the kill shot. If I track them they are dead. A smart attacker will go for me first, but for some reason they always seem to go for the 95.
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