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Originally Posted by doogiepooch View Post
Looking for a little advice or devil's advocate or encouragement....whatever you want to throw out. I'd be buying new, probably trading after the first of the year for a 13' 400 Burgman.

Been riding for about 6 years, see in my sig I've been into sport bikes and dual sports. This summer I rode my KLR from NC to Yellowstone and kind of discovered I think my real passion is motorcycle travel. I want to do a couple more big trips next summer. I ride every weekend, mostly with a level headed guy in his 50's or my dad who is in his early 60's. I'm a get out and go to new places and see new things type rider, not a how fast I can get there type rider, not that a maxi scooter is slow. And for all the dual sports I've had, I don't ride off road, I've been on gravel once this year. The storage and look of the 400 are what draws me to it. The dash, the backrest, all the cubby holes! I think the 400 will be about as quick as my KLR maybe even a little faster and from what I've read will definatly handle interstate better. I need to find someone local that will let me ride a 400 but in the meantime lets chat about them. Are they as comfortable as they look and feel? Showroom floor is all the time I've had on one. Interstate, yes I know they'll do it all day long but I want to hear from some guys that use them for travel. I've read some stuff about some oil burn if you hold it at high interstate speeds for hours on end, anything to this? I'm certainly familiar with singles burning oil at constant high speeds but will it do 70-75 mph without burning? Guys that have dropped from a bike to a you miss a bike much or do all the positive of a scooter make up for it?
I'd say go for a scooter, Burgy 400 or otherwise. I've ridden one and they're a lot of fun, versatile, all of the things you seem to like. What you'll find if you buy a scooter is you'll go to just as many places as you did before and probably others, mostly because the scooter will be more fun and you'll enjoy it more.

From the sound of it there are a lot of scoots out there that will satisfy your needs and there are some really great buys to be had in the used market. I've bought both new and used with success both ways and I know others who have as well so don't be afraid to save a few thousand if you can. Whatever you do try not to let the bullshit artists who know everything there is to know get in your way, all scooters are fun regardless of make, just be sure to choose one that's big enough for your needs. Then get back out there and enjoy.


PS - My MP3-500 ain't no Burgy but I have a lot of fun on it.
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