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Here's the top of a bucket wheel near the Arkansas / Texas border, just off the interestate:

Here's another dragline operating nearby:

Big, but not huge like the classic ones from Bucyrus or Marion.

That coal needs to move to the power plant:

Komatsu I think, possibly from their Haulpak plant, in Peoria IL. That has to piss off Caterpillar, drive down by the river and see a Komatsu factory. A legacy of LeTourneau which makes some big ass electrified equipment.

Check out the L2350:

LeTourneau was the pioneer of diesel / electric drives in construction equipment. Hybrids in the 1940s. Old Tournapull operators usually have exciting stories of them praying (or cursing) that the steering would start working again. Most of them are also deaf due to the use of Detroit diesels.
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