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Originally Posted by janeuner View Post
I would never do this when I have a premium tank of the same nation and class. I know Smurf already shared the basic idea, but I want to provide a different perspective.

My T34 is currently operated by a T110E5 crew. I do not own a T110E5. I manually trained them for the T110E5 at 90% and then used the T34 to get them back to 100% base skill. Now, when I finally buy the T110E5, I have a fully trained crew from match #1.

Edit: I've been waiting/hoping for a Churchill sale for the same reason. I have an IS-8 + near-perkless crew that I hate driving, and I'll be damned if I am training a crew in an IS-7 with that horrible repair cost.
I've never thought about it like that - in fact, I've never realized, until just now, that we could train crews for tanks we don't own, lol.

Good stuff, thanks for the tips. I'll throw the M103 crew over to 110E5, then run them up in the T34 since I have to grind it anyway.

I still wouldn't hesitate to trade perks for skills with some crew on tanks that I don't have premiums for, but hell, I own a T34... why don't I use the damned thing?
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