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Originally Posted by Gerg View Post
Yeah, Riiiight...

Any modern engine will run pretty close to all day long at near redline. Most, if not all, have limiters that kick in before any damage is done.

Of two current bikes:
R1200, I can't see running up against the redline because it just isn't necessary (although I have hit the limiter a time or two)
TW200, I run that little sucker flat out ALL the time with no ill effects.

Thanks,you said it for me. "only a mighty air cooled beemer is tough enough for the feared redline"
A manufacturer puts that redline where it wants,they build the engine and tune it. If it cant rev to redline regularly theres something wrong.
Ive seen what happens when a airhead is spun a little too hard.
Not much worth saving usually.
Some bikes around at times
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