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I'm happy to report the MT 90 A/T is a much better ride now it's turning in the right (wrong?) direction

It vibrates a bit more in the handlebars at certain speeds and it moves a bit more when turning in a corner compared to the BT's, but nothing too annoying or scary and it never feels unsafe or anything. I think we'll get along just fine, this MT and I

I love the BT's too btw. A lot of the dutch TDM riders think it's a bit too stiff and prefer the Scorpion MP3 over the BT0023 (successor of the 0021) but I favor it myself. Another plus for me is that they are very forgiving when you're as lazy as I am with checking the tire pressure, I wonder how that'll go with my new setup

I've also found some cheap and easy to modify brackets to raise the front fender a bit so I'll probably go that route. I saw some pictures of others who had done that with their 900's when browsing to this thread again last night and I really liked the look of it.

I'll shoot some pics of the front and back once I've get it done.
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