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Insurance adjuster just left....says my 08 KLR is a total loss. My state doesn't allow me to buy back the bike unless it is more than 8 yrs old and so its bye bye even as a parts bike. I am having trouble with the insurance company of the guy who struck me. A "witness" alleges I was going fast prior to the accident and even though he was cited for failure to yield and I was not cited in any way and had the right of way, it begins this game of " modified comparative negligence" where they try to assign a percentage of blame to me in order to reduce that percentage of damages paid out. If anyone saw the scene, they would laugh at how anyone could have seen it that way or how other witnesses didn't corroborate that story and I was making a freak left hand turn which leads 100 feet to my doorstep. I think some people seriously have a problem/bias with motorcycles from the get go. That is why my insurance company is involved now. Anyways, the adjuster did take down a list of accessories and gear that was damaged along with the bike. I asked him personally what his experience has been when it comes to a fair amount for pain and suffering and he said 3X the medical bills (with xray and cat scan included). I suppose now its a wait and see, going to give it until after xmas and see if they come back with an offer thats fair. I do have an attorney friend who has called me an offered free advice and to take it on if necessary.
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