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Monday morning we awoke to a socked in sky spitting snow and rain. Cold and breezy, the moisture might hold down the dust a bit but not enough to saturate the ‘poof dust’ sections. We hoped that it might warm up so we could attempt a summit tour up in the mountains, we take off for higher country just for a look-see.

Most of us had some kind of hand protection but Professor had to improvise with a beer box and zip ties. Whatever it takes.

We have 6 bikes in the group, waiting for the last 2 before we head upwards.

OK, here we go.

The weather report claimed there was a 30% chance of snow/rain so we weren’t too worried about taking a chance. Our first water crossing down below in those willows.

Some areas were burnt down to dust while the road and fire breaks that were built stopped the flames in other places.

We tried to find a way around a big ranch and their private property but turned off too early which took us right into one of the drainages that flows right back to the ranch so it was the first of many dead ends but still fun riding and exploring.

Must’ve been quite a sight to see the flames roaring up the canyon and torching the willows along the creek.

So back out the way we came.


None of us besides MrDualsport had ridden with LittlePossum - she immediately proved that she was up for anything and is a very capable rider on her lowered DR.

Professor owns my old ‘95 KTM RXC 620 which is pulling as strong as ever.

We decided to abandon the upper parts of the area till tomorrow hoping that the sky would open up, the sun might come out and the snow would melt a bit. So we head back down the 10 or 15 miles to a big gravel road and head north along the base of the mountains for some dry desert cruising. MrDualsport:


Professor - WHOA doggie!

It was a frosty ride 15 or so miles at 65 mph to another 15 miles of awesome 2 track towards a seldom visited dry lake bed (playa). Neffer rolls up to a junction.

On the only twin of the group, Killurtv arrives at the junction.

We stop for a quick snack and discuss our next target.

Neff had never been on a playa and in what is common to all who visit surface for the first time - kinda mind blowing. We all take off for the west end and a road that will take us to the next playa which is significantly larger.

more . . .
What's next? More action!
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