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Heated grips will make your winter rides much nicer. Some people prefer heated gloves but I like the option of being able to choose different gloves.
If you're making short runs you need to be aware of moisture build up in the oil. It's important to run the bike long enough to cook the moisture out of it but having the engine cool quickly when its shut off after a ride on a cold day can also promote moisture formation in the oil. This shows up as a whitish foam or white streaks in the oil. Cook it off by riding or change the oil. Of course, change to a lighter weight multi-viscosity oil.
I've used SeaFoam and Stabil and find them both to be good products and I've been told that modern gasoline tends to break down after a few weeks.
Not all batteries are compatible with the Battery Tender so make certain you're cool there. I do tend to periodically charge over the winter but YMMV. I keep my battery nice and warm in the house.
Tire pressure will drop in cold weather and cold tires will provide less grip unless you can get them thoroughly warmed up.
If you get too cold your reaction time will slow and your judgement will be questionable and you won't have as much fun.
I ride all winter here in Colorado and did when I lived in Minnesota.
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