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What his garage show, that initially was just his money being used to show and teach about the cars and motorcycles in his and others' collections, does for young guys and for older enthusiasts is very respectable.

I know he got flak for what happened to Conan, but I always thought the better man of the two won out. Maybe not always the better comedian, but then that's not what we are talking about here, nor what I would support for the position.
I think that it's great that someone who can afford a collection like that uses it and operates everything in it regularly. So many wealthy collectors just have their vehicles sitting in a private museum with someone hired to dust them off occasionally. Jay has a full time staff that keeps everything operational and ready to go. All he does is call and say what he wants, and it's sitting in the door when he pulls in. My friend who got us the show tickets used to go and visit him once a year, and one Christmas Jay took him and his wife for a tour of the LA area in his Duesenberg phaeton.

Leno is a better comedian than most think. His best thing is a monologue using nothing on the stage but a stool, and he has no problem keeping a crowd laughing for an hour and a half. The Tonight show is not a venue where he's at his best.
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