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Originally Posted by levain View Post
You're probably more likely to get some type of iron poisoning from using cast iron to bake your bread in than from any process to actually make the bread

Yours must've been pretty old, or kept out of refrigeration to get that sour.
Wow, you ARE the expert, and thank you so much for the response - leaving it out of refrigeration was exactly what I did.

Somehow, in the amount of information I've garnered in studying how to make breads, it was shown that if one is going to keep the biga (in my case a pate fermentee - awesome new term for me to learn about by the way) for any length of time, to keep it in the refrigerator. Well, I didn't exactly consider less than 48 hours a proper length of time, and in the videos I watched they didn't seem to go over what to do with the biga for shorter amounts of time, lol... so I made it up and stored it outside of refrigeration.

I don't know what other direction to take no knead bread in its recipe since, while good looking, the complexity of taste just wasn't really there with the 12-18 hour recipe so many of us are trying to use these days. If it won't kill me, I'd rather keep using (or occasionally use) a piece of the pate fermentee from each batch just to see where it takes it for taste (though, as I write this, the piece I took off of this newer sour dough is in the refrigerator this time - and I'll keep doing that since the more I think about it, the more ... risky... it seems that leaving it out may allow it to get moldy or bad bacteria or something ... there must be a reason other people don't leave it out for near-future use, and that the end product stood out so well that you were able to pick out exactly what I did wrong ).

Thanks again!
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