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Yes I understand that. The numbers I posted in the post above lists exactly what the backs of the chargers read.

My main concern is understanding the science behind it and what that means for my system. Does the draw from the charger determine what the draw on the system is ultimately going to be? like if the charger only draws 60 watts to charge the battery. Does that mean it will only pull 60 watts from the bike EVEN though its going thru the converter? Doesn't the converter itself put different demands on the bike's system then the charger ultimately does since the charger drops it down to a lower voltage and the inverter bumps it up higher?

Maybe your are saying it exactly how it should be said and I'm just not understanding it since my knowledge when it comes to electronics and the meaning behind the numbers is limited. How does the converter bump the 12V up to 100V, and what does that do for the wattage?
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