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I fabbed up my own skid plate out of AL Plate and right now it has no venting holes in it. What do you guys think, drill some ventilation into it or leave it solid? I don't want to overheat (not a problem right now :) but I don't want it to become a catch all for mud and trail debris

Yes I already tested it out and it works great, and I know I need a case saver.

I think you are ok and it won't over heat. Most of where it needs to be cooled is in the cylinder anyways. If you really feel as though you need to put holes in it. I'd drill a bunch of smaller ones in the flange areas. Nothing in the direct front or bottom of it. Half inch holes should be sufficient. Big enough for good air yet small enough so most things wont get thru. Don't bother drilling an oil hole on the bottom. Those things never work and always make a mess. Just take the plate off for an oil change.
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