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Originally Posted by HappyRiding View Post
Can you build wheels? Please PM pics of your bicycle tools and road bikes.
Yes, I can build wheels. All but 2.5 of my wheelsets are built by me.

Unfortunately, my tool(s) are in a rather small box. Hard to take a picture of em.

You've seen pics of the bikes. If you don't remember, they're in the 'show us your bicycle' thread around here somewhere.

So... there I was... off on a whirlwind adventure out in The Plains, VA with a couple of buddies. Gravel road riding on our cross bikes. I put my Racing Ralph clincher on the front of a front wheel I'd built up pending finding a black Open Pro to match for the rear. Built it appx 12mos ago and just last week found an Open Pro for a deal. I'm bombing down this gravel road at a high rate of speed when all of a sudden


WTF? Why's my handling all wonky?! Damn! Front flat at 'busting a gut down a hill speed?!' SHIT! I can't stop now, so I'll have to ride it out till the bottom. Thank doG it turned to pavement about a meter before I flatted.

So I get to the bottom of the hill, pull the tube and notice that I've ripped the top part where the valve screws shut. Blow it up to see where the hole is and find a round hole opposite the valve.

I musta hit something REALLY 'just wrong' to get that to happen. First time in 20+ years of riding.

Oh, and did I mention today was the first ride EVAR on that wheel? Yeah. Effed up the front rim on the first time out on it. How's THAT for a sonofabitch?!

Put the spare tube in and finished the rest of the ride except now every time I go to brake I get a thumpthumpthump and shuddering on the front.

Up and over Busthead Rd. then up and over the other part of Busthead road to 55. Crossed that and detoured left up and over Old Georgetown Pike to get to another stretch of dirt road before the pavement slog to my buddy's house.

3:38 on the 'road' and no assholes

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