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I've been really busy lately with work, and exams are coming up in class, so I haven't had a lot of time to work on the 650. But I did get about an hour yesterday afternoon to get out to the garage. I made up some front gas tank mounts:

I also got my spoked rear wheel and mounted it:

It needs new bearings since the VT800 it came off of had a 20mm rear axle and the CX650 has a 17mm rear axle. But that will just be a matter of finding the right size bearings. I haven't double-checked but I think the CX650 bearings will work in the VT800 wheel. Once I have it mounted properly, I'll be sending it off to Buchanan to have the hub laced to an 18" rim. I have a 21" spoked wheel for the front on its way.

Here's where she sits now:

It's in the frustrating middle stages of the project, where most of the dramatic big changes have been made but there are still a lot of little things to do that always end up taking twice as long as you expect. But I'm still pleased with how it's coming along.
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