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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I absolutely live the looks of this bike, and it is available without ABS. Yes, there's that nasty fuel injection, but I suppose I could live with it. But apparently Honda made the same mistake they keep making over and over again. They introduce an existing model into the U.S. market, one where the R&D and tooling are already mostly paid for, and then they overprice it to the point where it doesn't have a chance, no matter how desirable it might be. If I don't buy one, it WILL be because of the price. I was really hoping they would bring that bike here, then I find out they are, my palms get all sweaty, and then I hear the price. What a downer.

The ZRX did not look bad, most of what was wrong with it was because it was a late model. It was basically a copy of the 1983 KZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica (which I consider a BEAUTIFUL bike) but it lacked that bikes character and vintage look. The liquid cooled engine just didn't cut it. I still wouldn't mind having one. As someone said, the prices are reasonable.
So you can remember when a spark plug cost 50 cents. Can you also remember that you made $1.50 per hour?

I've got some sad news for you - an MSRP of $9999 isn't expensive anymore for a large bore 4 cylinder street bike. The list of similarly sized bikes that are priced higher than the CB1100 is much larger than the list of similarly sized bikes that cost less.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the dealer called and said your new KLR is prepped and ready for you to take delivery, complete with the "property of Smith's Dairy" milk crate top case you asked for
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