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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
If you played a nice guitar you'd know it. Going from my Peavey to my Gibson was a pretty big hump. All of the small things I was frustrated about on the Peavey were gone.

After looking at some guitars, I'm GAS'ing for a Gibson Custom in ebony now...
Since i'm too poor toworry much about it, i'm gonna go with the slow bike fast mentality.

Dad had something, some elderly strat thing that got lost when he remarried and we all moved in together. I do remember that thing being orders and orders of magnitude easier on the fingers.

For o e thing it seemed about half the thickness of the peavey, and half the weight too. But the fingering was just....easier. I have no idea why and probably never will now.

Edit I do remember that it was rounded everywhere instead of having any even remotely squared off edges. And it had 3 pickups, 2 knobs, and either a 5 way or 3 way switch.
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