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Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
I've had the same experience. I was initially very skeptical that a 29er would perform as well or better than my 26er, but repeated timed comparisons show that it really is faster except on trails consisting of hairpin turns. On steep hill climbs, the 29er wins hands down.
Oh, I am fully for 29ers on the trail- that is unless one is under 5', then I would consider a 26er. However, aside of some downhill it is only on steep climbs that one could be better off with smaller wheels.
a) easier to get them spinning than the mass of a 29 wheel, could be usefull when it is steep
b) lower 1X1 than 29er gearing 1X1, and sometimes it's usefull to go that low

That being said, I am a bigger guy and have no problem powering the 29er momentum.
It is the silver lining of a F/S as opposed to a HD that I was questioning. I do feel like I need to be careful of my line a lot more, and for some reason I find it easier to do certain moves shock assissted (like bunny hops).
I don't sit down (or feel it) much so comfort is not of an issue.
That Pivot is a nice bike, indeed. I think it cost more than my dirt bikes combined, so it better be good!
Heavy is good, heavy is reliable...

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