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Originally Posted by Glowbug View Post
I know, I know they're not US-made, but does anyone have input on whether or not a few sets of Blue Point combo wrenches would be a good buy for someone putting together a starting tool set? I've bought US-made sockets and ratchets already, but the sets I'm looking at from Proto will run about $500 new - I could pick up a set of BPs for a lot less than that.

Before Gearwrench went to the PRC, their Taiwanese-produced lines seemed to get decent reviews - so I shouldn't be afraid of these, right?

Thanks in advance.
Proto was stamped or set by forged on tools during the VN war. Proto was a US Gov't contract name made by the Thorsen Tool Co in Emeryville, CA, during the 60s. These tools were used everywhere in VN & by Military Units being transferred. They were good strong tools. Funny to see the name pop up after so many decades.
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