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Here is a machine that I built about a year or so ago for video editing and it works great. I don't know that much about the new AMD processors but I really like my current processor. See the links below for some of the stuff that my machine has


I've got mine overclocked to 4.0GHz and it has been stable for nearly a year now, it is only possible with a CPU cooler like the one listed here:


Cheap case (spend more here if you can)

Memory (probably not the best deal out there right now but it is what i have and it works great)

I have three of these in a RAID5 array and then I have a SSD for my main drive. Works great, I have the drives in the case and no extra software or hardware needed. I use the SSD for my boot drive, for speed and the RAID array for storage.

Motherboard that I use it's obviously not the best out there but it works for me. Make sure that your MB supports USB 3.0!

Here is a video card that I used for my brother's gaming PC and he likes it pretty well. I have a cheaper slower one that works fine for video but I would recommend something like this.

And then of course you would need some software and other odds and ends to make the deal but those are the basics and hopefully give you some ideas.
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