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Originally Posted by Glowbug View Post
I know, I know they're not US-made, but does anyone have input on whether or not a few sets of Blue Point combo wrenches would be a good buy for someone putting together a starting tool set? I've bought US-made sockets and ratchets already, but the sets I'm looking at from Proto will run about $500 new - I could pick up a set of BPs for a lot less than that.

Before Gearwrench went to the PRC, their Taiwanese-produced lines seemed to get decent reviews - so I shouldn't be afraid of these, right?

Thanks in advance.
go with real Snap-on ... track record wise Snap-on has the highest reseal values. forget blue point wrenches... might as well get Craftsman.

almost never purchase Snap-on wrench sets new... too frigging expensive. always keep an eye open for used Snap-on tools.

used retail at say a pawnshop for Snap-on hand tools are about 50% of book retail. this means pawnshops will pay about 10% of book retail.

so if you can purchase Snap-on hand tools for 25% of book retail... generally your $$$ is pretty safe. if you pay full book retail from the Snap-on truck... you will lose! there's no way around it. that said... when I visit a Snap-on truck, will almost always buy something. you still need their support on warranty issues.

unless you've got a paying job that needs special Snap-on tool... forget about buying it from a snap-on tool truck.

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