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Originally Posted by ShooterDave View Post
I think you are ok and it won't over heat. Most of where it needs to be cooled is in the cylinder anyways. If you really feel as though you need to put holes in it. I'd drill a bunch of smaller ones in the flange areas. Nothing in the direct front or bottom of it. Half inch holes should be sufficient. Big enough for good air yet small enough so most things wont get thru. Don't bother drilling an oil hole on the bottom. Those things never work and always make a mess. Just take the plate off for an oil change.
F Dave......i still can`t understand why you think removing the skidplate is necessary to do an oil change

I remove the engine drain bolt.......pull it out just enough so it drains straight down into my pan.........then when the flow slows down i remove the bolt completely away from the oil stream.......then reinsert when done..

I remove 2 bolts from the oil filter housing.......loosen the third a turn.......lean the bike over against my leg and pull the third bolt out and let the oil filter cover and filter drop into a rag in my right hand and all the oil in the filter housing drains straight into the oil pan........when it`s drained i stand the bike up quickly onto the side stand....i get very little if any drips.....easily wiped clean with a rag.....

Pulling the skidplate off is a pain in the freekin arse,i`m lazy......and this works............

smarten up.....

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